SKINNER is excited to release their final recording and farewell album ‘When I Look Back.’ 
As described in the song,  ‘I Don’t Wanna’ Breya’s increased hearing loss has made it difficult to continue recording and playing live. Hence, the reason behind a farewell album. 
This entire album is inspired by real life stories – reflections of personal triumph and loss. It’s easy to hear the love that has gone into making these songs.
The title track, ‘When I Look Back’ emphasizes the reflective nature of the album; a celebration of the life-long musical journey of two sisters, Breya and Jackie Skinner.

Special Thanks: 
Like on any epic journey, you meet people that enhance the experience. There has been no shortage of incredible influences, love and friendships garnered along the way. There are simply too many people to thank individually. We are extremely grateful to every musician, producer and friend who has supported us, and helped bring each song to life – especially Gerry, Ken, Laura, Dan, Blake Adi, and our parents Bob and Sandy. We are humbled by every fan who joined us at countless gigs, especially family members who drove from out of town to attend almost EVERY gig we ever played. When we look back at the 35+ years of making music together, we have such incredible memories… Basement jams and rehearsals (often with Dad on the drums)… Fish-market gigs where we played among rows of frozen fish… The gig when the roof collapsed from rain and flooded our equipment (but the show went on!)… Waking up on a studio floor after a night of gut-wrenching laughter and inspiring recording… Watching a sea of people sing along as we performed from the big stage at Sound Of Music Festival… Random texts or emails saying “your song just came on, I love this one!” Our hearts are SO full. There are no words to express what it all has meant to us.